Why Should Men Cry And Emote?

Why Should Men Cry And Emote?

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It is better to express the feelings than burying inside our heart. However, men’s don’t tend to show their emotions due to some wrong reasons. First, our human society always teaches that men should never cry like women. You can easily see people saying publicly that “Ohh men should not cry like ladies.” This phenomenon, in fact, is observed in all the countries and societies, irrespective of other factors such as religion, caste, etc. At present, our nation is facing lots of threats and dangers because of men hiding or burying their emotions. You can check it out in this article to know more about the consequences of men not showing their feelings.

Men always feel shy to cry and getting comforted by others. They always think that crying is not the sign of masculinity. This is not true and not good as well. Not expressing the emotions could lead to lots of harms to men. Now let us look into some of the consequences.

More men have died due to suicide than the women. Men account for 70% of the suicide, which is so staggering. Most men are suffering from mental health disorders and have become addicted to drugs. Unable to vent out emotions made men to commit crimes such as rape and murder.

There is no need for men to feel afraid to vent out their emotions. Society should teach boy’s and men that crying is good for the mental health and crying is normal. Bottling up the feeling will manifest negatively in different ways. Mental health is equally or even more important than the physical health. With sound and good mental health, one would be able to play a positive and inspiring role in the society. Not showing and keeping the emotion within from youth to adulthood makes the men suffer from anxiety, stress, and depression, thereby leading to commit suicide and crimes.

It is always good for men to cry and scream. There is no need to fear that such things would affect their masculine charm or dignity. Depression and stress should be addressed quickly. If you are upset, then don’t hesitate to tell your friends, relative, neighbors or colleagues, why you are upset. You might also express your feelings to the strangers nearby. Trying to hold the emotions for pride can be harmful to you only.

You should erase the false notions such as “men should not cry” “crying can affect the masculinity” etc. Of course, such thoughts are deep-rooted in mind and it could be difficult to overcome quickly. But you should try to overcome such notions quickly. Don’t hesitate to talk or express your feelings to others. Be expressive whenever required. Men should be brave to overcome the false notions.

There are many mental health counselors, who are ready to provide the needed counseling and advice to the men. It is a must to take care of our mental health to improve our physical health. So do not feel reluctant to check your mental health from a reputable psychiatrist.

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